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The Cressi Gara Modular Fins are a long fin designed for spearfishing and freediving. When on a breath hold you want as much power as possible to get down to your desired depth with minimal effort, so having a long blade is ideal. The soft rubber at the bridge of the foot pocket has a self adjusting feature for wider feet, providing maximum comfort to feet of all shapes and sizes.

The blades are made from a thermo plastic material and are interchangeable, which means that you can swap them over or one day upgrade to fibreglass or carbon fibre blades. Many freedivers will use carbon or fiberglass as they are more gentle on your legs, however they are also more delicate so you need to be careful with them. Plastic fins are ideal for the environments that spearfishermen can find themselves in.

The blade on the Gara modular is of a regular stiffness, sits at an angle and the length of this particular fin ranges from 87cm – 95, depending on the size of the foot.

The Gara Modular Fins are designed to be worn with a 3mm neoprene sock for standard sizing which prevents blisters and abrasions as well as giving warmth. Socks also give your feet protection and extra grip when walking to your dive spot, as many spearfishing spots may be rocky or slippery. If you choose to not wear the socks, you’ll likely need to size down your fin foot pockets.




  • Replaceable Blade
  • Regular Stiffness Blade
  • Angled Blade
  • Thermo Plastic Material
  • Rubber Foot Pocket
  • Self Adjusting Pocket
  • Suitable for Wide Feet
  • Designed to be Worn With 3mm Sock
  • Designed For Freediving or Spearfishing



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