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A total overhaul from the ground up, the Daiwa Tanacom 1200 Electric Reel is a project 5 years in the making between Daiwa Japan engineers and teams within Australia and America. From small quality of life improvements like the aluminium ball knob, to hugely functional changes like the increased speed & power, the Tanacom 1200 sets a new benchmark for quality and value for money in the electric reel market.

The new design uses the exact same motor as the previous Tanacom model, but instead houses it inside the spool itself, which has actually increased the efficiency of the motor. On top of this, the motor generates even more power thanks to an improved drivetrain which has been totally reengineered with beefier gears and internal components to improve durability and minimise power loss. More power is also accompanied by more speed in the Tanacom 1200, a feat often difficult to achieve. The faster retrieve speed of the Daiwa Tanacom 1200 Reel is a great feature when deep dropping, as your ability to reposition or check baits is sped up dramatically. And a side benefit of the new design is an Increased line capacity, with the Tanacom 1200 now boasting a line capacity of PE8/1000m.

Setting up the Daiwa Tanacom 1200 Electric Reel is also now easier than ever, with a redesigned menu system that’s been simplified and carefully designed to offer easy user experience for first time users, as well as familiarity for long-time Daiwa dendoh fans. The Dot Monitor LCD screen has also been improved, with a brighter display and better viewing angles even when wearing polarised sunglasses.


  • Dot LCD Display: Enables clear view from a large range of angles and light conditions.
  • Line Counter: There’s no need to guess how much line you’ve got out anymore with Daiwa’s Line Counter letting your know exactly. Dropping your back down to the right depth has never been easier.
  • Power Lever: This lever allows you to go from stop to start to full power with the flick of switch. It’s like stepping on the gas pedal to accelerate.
  • Aluminium Body: Lightweight and incredibly strong, aluminium allows strength and weightlessness to be achieved without the cost and corrosion issues of other metals.
  • Metal Ball Knob

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