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Abalone generally don’t try in earnest to escape, however, Lobster, fresh water crays and crabs will do their utmost to ensure an escape. They know you want to eat them, such is the life they lead. Juggling a spear, your keeper bag and a live and cranky Lobster is often a comedy far too funny to be scripted. It often however, ends in disappointment, as your prize lobster scoots away in a flurry of sand, giving you the aquatic version of the bird as he scrambles well out of reach.

The Spring Loaded Land and Sea Catch Bag Dive Goody Bag puts an end to this slapstick scene as you can handle your kit, bag and the feisty cray with relative ease. The spring loaded handle operates easily with one hand, allowing you to get your catch inside without dropping your bundle, or dinner. The ease of operation is ideal for handling things like mud crabs. Put in a clumsy move on a Muddy and you’re likely to end up missing a digit. A firm grip on beast and bag is critical to ensure your cray adventure does not turn into an extended period in triage at the local hospital.

The hard wearing, well designed Spring Loaded Land and Sea Catch Bag Dive Goody Bag is perfect for diving snorkelling, searching through the rock pools or combing the mangroves for crabs. It’s also highly useful when seeking out fresh water crays in the rivers and streams. There is plenty of space in the bag and the adjustable opening is ideal for handling catches of varying sizes. When opened to maximum, the bag will handle the biggest of lobsters.

Features and Specifications

  • Great for storing Lobster, Abalone, scallops and more
  • Heavy Duty Zinc Plated frames made from stainless steel
  • Bag Materials: 840 denier polyester (Heavy Duty) as well as incorporating nylon mesh
  • Dimensions: Approx 51cm wide x 68cm High Bag only dimensions (excluding handle)


  • One handed handle activations allows you to keep your catch secure while opening the bag
  • Brilliant for snorkelling, diving and combing the ocean rocks.
  • Stash you catch of crays securely.
  • Convenient and easy to carry, above and below the water surface.
  • Never lose a lobster again, struggling to get it in your keeper bag.
  • Durable, easy to wash and maintain.

The Spring Loaded Land and Sea Catch Bag Dive Goody Bag is perfect for the aquatic explorer. Whether you hunt Lobsters, Abalone, Crabs Scallops or Marron, you will find the Spring Loaded Land and Sea Catch Bag Dive Goody Bag the perfect addition to your kit. It’s a must for all snorkelers and divers, and a very convenient and inexpensive way to stash your catch securely. Get yours now.

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