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Size QTY 1/20oz 1.4g 1/16oz 1.8g 1/12oz 2.3g 1/8oz 3.5g 1/6oz 4.7g 1/4oz 7g 3/8oz 10.6g
4 6 0347 0348 0349        
2 6 0350 0352 0355 0358 0360    
1 6 0351 0353 0356 0359 0361 0363  
1/0 6   0354 0357 0301 0306 0311  
2/0 5       0302 0307 0312 0316
3/0 5       0303 0308 0313 0317
4/0 5       0339 0340 0341 0342
5/0 4       0304 0309 0314 0318
6/0 4       0305 0310 0315 0319
7/0 3           0344 0327
8/0 3           0345 0346


Australia’s favourite jigheads are built on quality, extra heavy duty, Mustad Ultrapoint black nickel, chemically sharpened hooks, for the ultimate stopping power.

Taking out an AFTA ‘Best Terminal Tackle’ Award, TT HeadlockZ HD are designed with a ‘head lock’ grub keeper, making them the perfect jighead for locking on the range of super-soft and flexible, 10X Tough ZMan ElaZtech soft plastics, while also being an ideal option for locking on other soft plastic brands, so that you spend less time re-rigging plastics and more time fishing!

As well as making rigging your plastics quicker and easier, HeadlockZ HD, as their name suggests, lock the head of the plastic onto the jighead, allowing you to cast hard, work your plastic aggressively and keep on fishing confidently, even after a strike, knowing that your plastic is in position and swimming correctly. The hook is super-sharp and brutally strong, so that you can confidently take on species such as snapper, offshore pelagic species, barramundi, mangrove jack, mulloway, Murray cod and other jighead destroying species.

HeadlockZ HD are available from a 1/20oz #4, right through to a 3oz #8/0 so that you are covered for Australia’s most popular target species. Check out the size chart for the full range. You’ve got the ultimate ZMan 10X Tough soft plastics, lock them onto the ultimate jighead!

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